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Writer, geek, foul-mouthed hoyden and occasional author of fanfiction. Currently far more interested in the BBC's Sherlock than is altogether good for me. (And I promised myself I'd never get involved with fandom again after Livejournal ate up three years of my life, which just goes to prove I have about as much resolve and willpower as a Jammie Dodger.)

At the moment I'm working on a pretty lengthy Sherlock/Neverwhere crossover which will either work surprisingly well or have me driven from the fandom by an angry pitchfork-waving mob.

Knowledge of TV trivia, 1940s fashion and Morrissey lyrics: Profound.
Knowledge of sensational literature: Immense.
Ability to write halfway-decent fanfic: Negligible.
Floppy hat collection: Vast.
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